• Strawberry Ice

    Posted: Feb 11 2015

    We were so excited to participate in this photoshoot with some of Toronto's best vendors.   Check it out and also come by and visit us at The Wedding Co Market next Sunday. at Wychwood Barns:)
  • Holiday Hours

    Posted: Dec 20 2014

    Our holiday hours are: Dec 24 9-1 Dec 25 closed Dec 26 closed Dec 27 closed Dec 28 closed Dec 29 9-7 Dec 30 9-7 Dec 31 9-5 Jan 1 closed Jan 2 9-7   Have a safe and happy holidays:)
  • Elle Canada's #flowermonday

    Posted: Apr 14 2014

    We were really excited to be asked by Elle Canada to take part in their #flowermonday blog!    Check out the pics and interview!    
  • Kristy and Mark on the Wedluxe Blog

    Posted: Apr 03 2014

    In June 2013 we had the privilege of working with Kristy and Mark on their vintage gold wedding at Arcadian Loft.     Today their wedding made it onto the Wedluxe Blog.    Congrats Kristy and Mark!
  • A Succulent is Forever...

    Posted: Mar 24 2014

    If we had a dollar for every time one of our brides expressed remorse over the fact that her wedding flowers won't last forever, we would have enough money to take next wedding season off (not that we'd want to - that's when we have the most fun!). And while it is an indisputable fact that your anemones will eventually flop and your poppies will lose all their petals, there is one faithful bloom that, with the right care, will only get better with age - and that, my friends, is the echeveria succulent. Did you know that succulent cuttings will form new roots, and eventually grow new plants, if you place them in a pot of sandy soil? That means that the echeveria blooms from your bridal bouquets and centerpieces can be propagated, and will eventually grow into big, happy, potted plants.  Can you think of anything sweeter than having a houseplant that originally...